James P. Bailey

Email: jamespbailey@tamu.edu

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I am current a visiting assistant professor at the Department of Industrial and Systems Enginering at Texas A&M University. Formally, I was a postdoctoral researcher at the Singapore University of Technology and Design under the supervision of Dr. Georgios Piliouras. I graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech). I completed my PhD in Algorithms, Combinatorics, and Optimization (ACO) at the H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering (ISyE) while working with Dr. Craig Tovey.

My primary research interest is in the development of interdisciplinary approaches to understand problems related to optimization. To this end, I am creating connections between online optimization/machine learning and physics to advance the understanding of multi-agent learning systems such as generative adversarial networks. I am also working in the intersection of operations research, behavioral economics, and computer science to better understand social choice (group decision making) in areas such as voting, matching, and auctions.
More generally, my research interests are:
  • Combinatorial optimization
  • Machine learning
  • Game theory (and applications to economics)
  • Graph theory (especially coloring)
  • Duality theory